Joan Marie, Consultant

  Unique Professional Organizer

Interior Decorator


Simply Beautiful 


Professional Organizing:   My service entails everything from A-Z.  I would put all your items in an organized fashion.  We are fast and efficient.    We take away the clutter and with some basic steps we can make the home clean and shiny.  We do:  closets, wardrobes (clothes), basements, garages, kitchen pantries (dishes and can goods), linen closets, moving (packing and unpacking).  

Interior Decorating/Staging:  - My service is offering consultant work for you regarding interior design and or staging.  It would consist of new fresh ideas to enhance and brighten your home, such as:  window coverings, color schemes and furniture placement.  It would be open and give you the best use of your floor plan, accent pieces etc., along with a very spacious look.   

My expertise is taking your existing design and moving and or changing things around to give  the space more of an inviting warm comfortable look.  Or, if you would prefer, with very little investment we can shop around for items that would enhance your taste for your home.  With my valuable resources, I can direct you to appropriate places within your budget and your needs.  You would be surprised on what little paint, wall accents, placement of furniture would make.

I have had over 30 years of experience investing in new homes, condos, and town homes, which has lead me to decorate them in stages.  My rates are very reasonable.        

                                                                                                                                       Simply Beautiful! 
                                                                              Please call to schedule for an appointment 

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     Joan Marie                                                                                     

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